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Field Grade Knives 
Field grade knives are made for hard work in the field.
They are of integral construction which means they are forged from one piece of solid barstock.
They are high carbon steel ( not stainless ) and made for years of service.
The handle materials are man made and extremely durable generally being micarta.
The pins are plain .
The sheaths are made from high grade vege tanned leather.
They are riveted on the corners for extra strength.

Premium Grade Knives
Premium grade knives are made from either hi carbon steel or Damascus steel.
They are of integral construction.
The handle materials are usually natural and stabalised, being the likes of wood, horn and bone etc.
The sheaths are hand stitched from vege tanned leather.
The pins may be either plain or Damascus depending on the knife.
The makers mark is hand engraved.

Presentation Grade knives
Presentation grade knives are made from the best and rarest materials.
Most but not all are of integral construction.
The prices vary a lot for these due to the materials used and the time in the making.
The steel would typically be Damascus.
The handles may be formed from mammoth ivory or stone and the sheaths cam be full metal, leather on wood or straight leather.
The makers mark is hand engraved and the pins or part of the bolster area  may be engraved or precious metal inlayed.