About Us

My name is Matt James.
In my earlier working days I was a logger and later became a bush contractor.
In 1998 I moved out to where I live now and built the workshop and forge I currently use.
I have now been forging knives and making Damascus steel for about 20 years.
I have enjoyed learning the art of forging as it is necessary to be proficient in this to make Damascus steel.
Most of my knives are made as “integrals “meaning they are made from one piece of steel. They are forged to shape and then milled and ground to achieve the final shape.
Most of what I learnt was self-taught as there were not a lot of books on the subject and the internet was not the fantastic resource it is today.
I am lucky to have a great place to live and work.
I am happy to have people call in to discuss their requirements for knives, I simply ask that they call at least a couple of days before to allow me to schedule time to meet.