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Bador BM3 Belt grinder

Bador BM3 Belt grinder

Here is one of the belt grinders I use to profile and grind the knives I make.

It is a Bador BM3 and made in the USA. I purchased it new from there in about 1996.

It is only a one speed machine and because I have others that are speed controlled and are better for finer grinding this has become a workhorse for heavier grinding.

It is a good machine to use and very quick to replace a belt or attachment such as changing from a flat grinding attachment to a hollow grinding attachment.

Blacksmiths Vice and Block

Here is the Blacksmiths vice I have in my forge area.

It is quite handy for holding work to twist it or grind it.

The block it is on is a large piece of maire and very heavy. It keeps the vice stable.

The Blacksmiths vice is made differently to a standard engineering vice as they are made to with stand blows to the work that is being held in them, hence the reason they have a leg on them and are supported from the floor.

Massey Power Hammer

This is the power hammer I use in my forging work. It is a wonderful old machine and for it’s age is still reasonably accurate.

It is an English made ” Massey ” and is one of three machines imported in 1927 by the government of the day for the railways. One of these went to Christchurch, one to Wellington and the other to Otahuhu in Auckland and that would be this one.

Being an Air hammer it has a lot of control in its operation.

I had to do quite alot of restoration to this and it was a significant job to install it.

Hydraulic Forging Press No 2

This is the other forging press I use, I made it from scratch.

It is fabricated from a very heavy I beam. The beam is side on in the picture and the flanges of the beam are what the pressure plate of the press slides up and down on.

There is another piece of the I beam that is cut length ways and is the ” anvil ” or lower part of the press under the pressure plate.

Hydraulic Forging press No 1

Here is one of the presses I use to forge high carbon and Damascus steel.

It is an old 4 post press that I resurrected as it was in a very bad state of dis – repair when I got it.

There is the one main ram to apply downward pressure and one ram on either side to push the top platen back up.

I have a small digital read out on it to enable very accurate pressing.